Life goes on and on, it doesn’t waits for you. And we are here still in search of meaning. What makes life so worthwhile to live, so meaningful to stay and so powerful to be fear of! 

To make a living in this world is a milestone for almost every human out there, calling it as a need and many of them actually doing a great job with it. But, wait! aren’t we missing something ? A meaning ? A meaning to live a life.

Life isn’t what is comes, though it’s a most precious thing one can ever get but some fails to shape it. Many fails miserably in life not because they aren’t capable of but because they don’t have a meaning to live for…. 

Death is a part of life. The word itself is so inspiring but, many of us take it so negatively. Death motivates us to live a meaningful life. 

Death can not be the solution for your meaningless life, Take is as a inspiration and move up in life. It’s rightly said that nothing is more worthy than a meaningful life yet life is so powerful to be fear of….Live it rather ending it.


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