A human without a Outlook is same as a food without salt. He might suceed or might not. 

A human Eye & Mind plays the important role in setting up a human outlook towards things. The prespective depends on knowledge and intelligence and you define your outlook by your knowledge. 

Knowledge is a main reason which divides the humanity and there ego appears showing certain acheived life standards, which has divided our society into classes high, low and middle class and there’s nothing new in that. 

We are used to things that we do which is a main concern, we are unable to adopt a change. We want change but we don’t want to be the change. High class people’s outlook not gonna match the low level people’s outlook, which doesn’t mean they are backwards. It’s life and it gonna change. So, Have faith and a revolutionary outlook.

Your Outlook defines YOU! Make sure to set it High and right.

They might judge you by your prespectives towards life. So, be visionary. Let the light of your inner sole guide you in your life’s journey. 


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