Our Journey!

Hello readers.! Welcome on the land of “Leefo!”. It’s my honor to introduce leefo to you. Leefo is a starting of new era in the most rooted field of writing and publishing. We are here to deliver the most generous content from all sort of human living and that starts from the ancient historic articles […]

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Life goes on and on, it doesn’t waits for you. And we are here still in search of meaning. What makes life so worthwhile to live, so meaningful to stay and so powerful to be fear of!  To make a living in this world is a milestone for almost every human out there, calling it […]

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A human without a Outlook is same as a food without salt. He might suceed or might not.  A human Eye & Mind plays the important role in setting up a human outlook towards things. The prespective depends on knowledge and intelligence and you define your outlook by your knowledge.  Knowledge is a main reason […]

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